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To dig deep or shallow?

Choosing the right foundation design.

The home building process may be simple with the first step being to lay the foundation, but don’t underestimate the importance of following technical specifications in the plan, including concrete mix design with precision. When taking on a build project, the devil lies in the detail and it is these details in the drawings that prescribe which type of foundation design to apply.

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Colour in concrete

Giving concrete a colour facelift OR 5 ways to colour concrete.

Whether you operate in the professional arena of architecture and building or play in the DIY space, concrete is one of the most versatile materials. Don’t be fooled. Behind the age-old grey of concrete is colour application that can breathe originality and longevity into any exterior or interior design. Here are five concrete colouring techniques to bring your concrete areas or designs to life.

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What criteria are involved in appointing an Interior Architect, Designer or Decorator?

The ideal is to find a trained professional with expertise, creative flair, extensive knowledge of their own and associated industries, a network of proven suppliers and who is capable of completing the job on time and to budget. Always ask to see a portfolio of work that they have completed. All designers develop their own personal style, which is evident in their projects; however a good designer will ensure that your taste and personality are reflected in the end-result.

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How to use a spirit level

Home building tool tips that make DIY so easy

No DIYer, Home Handyman or builder should ever be without a spirit level - small or large. A spirit level is used for determining horizontal and vertical levels and can be used on a variety of DIY projects in and around the home.

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How to lay a Concrete Slab

Here are 6 steps for successful in-situ concrete slab construction!

Techniques such as concrete curing and cutting of joints, together with a close eye on maintenance are some of the essentials required to cast an in-situ concrete slab. However arguably the most critical steps lie in planning and design.

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How To Gutters

Whether you are a gutter installer, building contractor, plumber or home owner - you can learn how to install guttering on any residential property with this comprehensive explanation:

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