A new centre of inspiration

At an event attended by celebrity architects, interior designers and key industry influencers, Hansgrohe SE unveiled its Centre of Inspiration in Johannesburg this week. The centre will serve as a flagship showroom and the company’s African headquarters.

Designed by Paragon Architects, the centre houses a brand new showroom filled with Hansgrohe and Axor designer products, as well as a training facility, a technical division, a logistics warehouse and offices.

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A marriage of sustainability and good looks

In a daring move, Andrew Mboyi, winner in the student category of Cobra’s first-ever design competition, designed EDGE, a tap marrying sustainability and an unusual, diagonal design. Mboyi’s main focus was utilizing a digital system to monitor, manage and create an awareness around water usage. As a result, his tap, connected to the geyser and the water meter, displays hot and cold water usage. His touch-screen digital display also indicates the mix temperature as well as the time. Builders’ Space caught up with Mboyi, an architecture student at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, to learn all about his involvement in the competition.

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EcoSpecifier certification for plasterboards

Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s range of plasterboards for walls and ceilings have achieved the Premium Ecospecifier SA Product Listing, verifying that these products are commercially available, have qualities that reduce potential environmental impacts across their life cycle and do not contain substances that are harmful to their users’ health.

Gyproc RhinoBoard, FireStop, DuraLine, MoistureResistant and SoundBloc all have an aerated or foamed gypsum core encased in a paper liner, and they can be used for interior walls and ceilings where thermal, acoustic or fire rating criteria have been specified.

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A tap inspired by Africa

Ceramic Lace, a cylindrical-shaped spout with white ceramic patterns, speaks a language that is true to Africa and its history of clay art and textiles. Inspired by her continent’s culture and the need to experiment with a new, more ecological material, Leigh Mclaren, winner in the professional category of Cobra’s first-ever design competition, designed her tap from clay. But besides being beautiful and ‘green’, her design is innovative too. The ceramic casing is wrapped around a heat-sensitive plastic skin, which is visible through the tap’s patterns. As the water temperature changes, the colour of the plastic skin changes too, warning the user of their water consumption and energy usage. Positioned at the head of the spout are dials controlling water temperature and pressure, bringing the mixer to its users instead of the other way around.

Builders’ Space had a chat with Mclaren, a candidate architect at b4 Architects, to learn all about her innovative design.

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It looks green, but it works green too

Aloe, a dynamic tap for home buildings inspired by the natural forms of flowing water and leaves, was the runner-up in the professional category of Cobra’s first ever design competition that concluded this month. Aloe’s designer, Murray Sharp, sculpted an organic exterior around the water-conservation technologies built into his tap, creating something that not only looks like a plant, but functions in a green way too. The tap’s body houses an aerator as well as a ceramic mixer cartridge that flows with less than six litres of water per minute, saving plenty of water in the process. Builders' Space caught up with Sharp, a product designer at Barrows Design and Manufacturing in Durban, to find out all about his innovative design.

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Tap designs to blow your mind

Four talented designers were recognised for their cutting-edge, eco-conscious tap and mixer designs for the home building, at an awards ceremony on 22 August, celebrating Cobra’s first ever design competition.

The competition came about as a result of the expressed need for new innovative tap designs, as well as a need for Cobra’s brand to target the youth. “We were inundated with entries,” says Ronelle Badenhorst, who is involved with product development at Cobra, and who helped judge the competition. “And we found solutions we had never thought of.”

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Tap design gone digital

In a technology driven era where everything is going digital, why not your home building’s taps? Runner-up in the student category of Cobra’s first ever design competition, Johannes Berkhout, created the innovative iFlow. This digital design with touch screen technology allows its users to control their tap’s water flow and temperature. The iFlow also utilizes induction heating, warming the water at the source only when it is required, thereby saving electricity. Builders' Space has a word with Berkhout, currently a 3D design student at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, to learn all about his new invention.

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Awards for electrical achievements

Members of ECA(SA) are invited to enter the association’s Presidential Excellence Award, a platform for showcasing achievements in the electrical industry, as well as celebrating quality, outstanding workmanship and professionalism.

The Award will be conferred in the categories of Housing, Shopping Centre, Office Block and Hotel as well as Industrial Installation of the Year; Best Contributor to Energy Efficiency for new and refurbished projects using photovoltaics; Reticulation Contractor of the Year; Young Apprentice of the Year; as well as Woman-owned Business of the Year.

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Imagine eco-friendly homes

Manufacturers of lightweight building materials and RhinoBoard for interior lining applications, Saint Gobain, is collaborating with Stand 47, a project aiming to demonstrate that housing in South Africa can be successfully undertaken using predominantly energy-efficient materials.

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Effective lighting solutions

Eurolux has acquired a GO-2000 Goniophotometer and Integrated Sphere to provide lighting designers with the information they require to plan effective lighting solutions for home design using Eurolux products.

Gonio 02GO-2000 Goniophotometer

The GO-2000 Goniophotometer, or Horizontal Goniophotometer, is a supermatic test system for luminous intensity distribution and total luminous flux measurement of several types of luminaires and lamps, including indoor lights, street lights and floodlights.

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