History of Cellulose Insulation

ceilinginsulationCellulose is among the oldest types of building insulation material used. We have always needed to keep cool in hot conditions and warm in cool conditions. Many types of cellulosic materials have been used, including newspaper, cardboard, cotton, straw, sawdust, hemp and corncob. Modern cellulose insulation is made with recycled newspaper, which has a very high content of cellulose present in the paper, using grinding and dust removing machines and adding a fire retardant, began in the late 1940s and is today widely in use worldwide.. Mainly used for Ceiling Insulation..

Every time there is an energy crisis, people move from a wasteful lifestyle to one of conservation. With the energy crisis in South Africa, the government moved to make ceiling insulation compulsory in all new buildings in South Africa. SANS 10400 XA was published in 2011 and "Energy Efficient Buildings" and the technology behind it has become the buzz word.

Cellulose insulation is produced locally by manufacturers who operate state of the art manufacturing facilities and offer an environmental alternative to other more expensive products with a high embodied energy. Ceiling Insulation in South Africa is regulated through the national building regulations and must perform to certain standards to be accepted. Quality includes fire resistant standards, R-Value of the product and various other performance qualities and is being promoted by TIASA (Thermal Insulation Association of South Africa) in association with the SABS and other governing bodies.

Too many manufacturers made outlandish claims about the performance of their insulation and the "R-value Rule," was established placing clear limitations on the claims that manufacturers and marketing companies can make about their product. The effect of regulations has put most of the fly by night producers of cellulose insulation out of business and has left the market with only reputable manufacturers and has assured a quality product to the end user.

Currently cellulose insulation has increased steadily in popularity worldwide. Part of the reason for this popularity are studies that suggest that cellulose may actually protect a building from damage in a fire better than fiberglass because cellulose is denser than fiberglass and doesn't allow the oxygen necessary to burn structural members. Several National Research Council Canada studies[2] have backed these claims. Another major reason for the popularity of cellulose might be because of the increased interest in green building. Cellulose has the highest recycled content of any insulation material and also has less embodied energy than fiberglass and other furnace produced mineral insulations.

The first edition in "The Benefits of Cellulose Insulation" in your home and building

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Article written by Bartelle – Comfort Group

An all-round carefree package for public washrooms

Handling hygiene with touch-free water fittings

Heavily frequented during busy times and then left unused for extended periods, public washrooms are often exposed to extremes and still have to be functional at all times to meet the most diverse demands. Whether it is a small child or an elderly person - everybody should be able to use the sanitary installations easily.

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Brand new, beautiful window building materials

Choose affordable, strong and eco-friendly window building materials for the homes you build.

Just because you’re building on a budget, you don’t have to compromise on quality, beauty and doing your bit for the environment, when choosing your window building materials. That’s because Swartland has recently introduced Kayo pre-sealed and pre-glazed hardwood windows.

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Dust-free work environment

Builders, contractors and tradesmen, do you know how to make sure your work environment remains free of dust?

Bosch Power Tools has recently launched a new range of GDE dust extraction systems, designed specifically for drilling and chiselling tools, ensuring a cleaner and healthier work environment for builders, contractors and tradesmen.

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An innovative digital thermostat

Electrical contractors and builders, here’s some energy-saving innovation…

Due to popular demand, VETI has recently introduced a new fully-programmable digital thermostat for underfloor heating control, in order to save energy.

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Terrific new tiling tool range

Terrific new tools for tiling contractors…

TAL, supplier of tiling solutions, has just introduced Tilemate tiling tools for tiling contractors – they’re functional, durable and suitable for a variety of applications. The range includes:

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A building contractor’s car

Builders, contractors and tradesmen, here’s a car made for miles.

Iveco has recently been informed that 13 South African customers of theirs, with about 30 Iveco Daily vehicles between them, have reached the one-million kilometre mark, travelling the often precarious terrain of the African continent daily.

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A tool for tight spaces

A tremendous tool for fast and effective grinding jobs in tight spaces.

Master your tight-angle grinding jobs quickly and safely with the Metabo flat-head angle grinder WF 18 LTX 125. Its flat gear head allows for quick working in angles of up to 43°, with uniform results; its slim handle permits low-fatigue working even on weld seams in difficult positions; and its discs made from ceramic grit offer safe and high-speed grinding.

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A user-friendly laser tool for building contractors

Building contractors now have a user-friendly, flexible laser tool for all their line projection needs.

Now even more user-friendly, and with brand new functions, the Bosch GLL 2-15 Professional cross-line laser tool for professional building contractors has an increased working range of up to 15 metres, sports an integrated tilt function enabling diagonal line projections, is highly flexible and has an on/off function for individual laser lines.

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A tool for tremendous tips and tricks

More flexible than a wired tool, the Metabo Cordless Angle Grinder W 18 LTX 150 has 64% more cutting depth, makes up to 300% more cuts and runs 75% longer per battery charge with its 5.2 Ah battery packs. Plus, this tool is the world’s first angle grinder with a 150 mm grinding disc.

Metabo corldess grinder 150mmFurther highlights include: tool changing without a key; thermal overload protection; a multifunctional monitoring system to protect the machine and battery pack; a swivelling battery pack for working in hard-to-reach places; as well as a detachable dust filter for protection from small particles. It also comes with Ultra-M Technology for efficient charging, optimum energy utilisation and a long service life.

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An innovative building system

Choose efficient, green and ground-breaking building materials.

Vela SBS has developed an innovative internal and external building material for residential, multi-storey blocks, commercial and retail applications. The S-Track system, a unique walling solution made from lightweight steel frames, enables wall panels to be erected rapidly, resulting in a shorter building programme and reduced overheads.

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Mix and match your wiring devices

New wiring devices with enhanced aesthetics and cutting-edge technology for building contractors.

Combining a stylish design with cutting-edge technology, Legrand has created a range of Arteor wiring devices for building contractors to install in commercial as well as residential environments.

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Super sockets

Building contractors, satisfy your customers with a modular range of sockets so they never have to use an adapter again.

Because the most common electrical socket installation in the country is a single or double 3-pin outlet, users require various multi-adaptors to use all of their appliances. However, Major Tech’s VETI Modular Range of sockets includes every socket type used in Sub-Saharan Africa, all in a modular form. This means that building contractors can combine any of the various sockets and install them directly into their available wall socket spaces – no need for adaptors anymore.

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A versatile switch and socket solution

Building materials should be durable, especially when the building regulations require it.

Building materials, such as industrial switches and sockets need to be tough, safe and dependable in adverse conditions. As a result, VETI has recently launched the Metal Clad series, precisely engineered and carefully manufactured to meet any rugged requirement.

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Bathroom design for the best hotels

All the best hotels make an effort to welcome their guests into rooms with an exquisite ambiance and an elegant design. That’s why GROHE has created the GROHE Grandera range, comprising of carefully coordinated faucets, showers and accessories, especially for the hotel operator seeking to create homes away from home.

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DLP trunking anywhere

Legrand’s new cable management system comes with black, white and grey DLP trunking for installations in hotels, offices, healthcare facilities, shopping centres, theatres and luxury homes. It has variable internal and external angles to fit all sorts of corners; rounded corners fit for Cat 6 optical fibre cable distribution; as well as a range of insulated base profiles for a number of different compartment configurations.

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Secure your home building with see-through barriers

Multisafe Security’s Lexan-ClearBars are a secure and elegant solution for burglar-proofing your home building. These virtually indestructible transparent burglar bars secure homes and loved ones without compromising your sea, mountain, city or garden views.

Made from imported Lexan polycarbonate, ISO 9001 approved for Military VIP protection and aircraft windows, these burglar bars have a tensile breaking strength of 3000 kg.

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Product profile: Geberit Sigma10 flush plate

Geberit has given their Sigma10 flush plate a brand new design makeover. Now, it is a green building material with a water-saving stop-and-go flush activation mechanism.

Geberit Sigma10 public bathroomThis new mechanism allows users to activate the flush as well as stop it whenever they please, giving users the opportunity to decide on their own water consumption habits. The flush actuation buttons have been done up too. They are now enlarged, making Sigma10 look more elegant and contemporary.

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Product profile: Cobra Xena range

Cobra has recently released a new addition to their Classic Collection: the Xena range, a series of modern luxury bathroom and kitchen mixers.

Xena fixedAlong with fulfilling Cobra’s high-quality functionality standard, the Xena range features elegant designs, with cylindrical bodies, curved spouts, distinctive cross-handles and a radiant chrome finish.

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Product profile: an outdoor water vacuum cleaner

Crystal clear garden ponds and fountains are now possible with Pontec’s Pondomatic vacuum cleaner, intended for water debris instead of dust. Your smelly, unpleasant-looking garden features filled with sludge are history.

Most ponds and fountains don’t have drains, so algae, sludge, dead vegetation and bits of leaves tend to accumulate in the water. Pondomatic, a device devoted to green building, removes loose particles of dirt (up to 10mm in size) by means of suction.

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EXTENZO’s Climaclick

Climaclick is an air conditioning Stretch Ceiling developed by EXTENZO in cooperation with the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA). Climaclick transforms the whole ceiling into a surface that radiates heat and distributes hot or cold air at a very low speed around the perimeter of the room, from the roof to the floor. There is a natural circulation of this air through calibrated regulators.

Climaclick liberates space by eliminating all visible devices, except the air return grille. The product is also compatible with the whole EXTENZO creative range of colours and textures.

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