EXTENZO’s Climaclick

Climaclick is an air conditioning Stretch Ceiling developed by EXTENZO in cooperation with the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA). Climaclick transforms the whole ceiling into a surface that radiates heat and distributes hot or cold air at a very low speed around the perimeter of the room, from the roof to the floor. There is a natural circulation of this air through calibrated regulators.

Climaclick liberates space by eliminating all visible devices, except the air return grille. The product is also compatible with the whole EXTENZO creative range of colours and textures.

Climaclick operates with all air conditioning appliances and all forms of energy. It has a European Bs2dO fire rating, for all public spaces. EXTENZO is ISO 9001/2000 certified and Stretch Ceilings are made according to NF EN 14716 standards, and installed according to the NF DTU 58.2 standard.

All EXTENZO Stretch Ceilings can be viewed at EXTENSO’s showroom in Johannesburg. A ceiling specialist along with an accredited air conditioning engineer will install Climaclick in a few hours without smells or dust. It comes with a 15-year guarantee and is resistant to knocks, humidity, leaks and condensation.

Written by Daniella Favis for Home Inspirations.