Product profile: an outdoor water vacuum cleaner

Crystal clear garden ponds and fountains are now possible with Pontec’s Pondomatic vacuum cleaner, intended for water debris instead of dust. Your smelly, unpleasant-looking garden features filled with sludge are history.

Most ponds and fountains don’t have drains, so algae, sludge, dead vegetation and bits of leaves tend to accumulate in the water. Pondomatic, a device devoted to green building, removes loose particles of dirt (up to 10mm in size) by means of suction.

The Pondomatic has a 1400 watt motor, and a 27-litre tank made from impact-resistant plastic. It includes a sludge-draining system, whereby the sludge is sucked through an adjustable nozzle into the container via a four-meter long connecting hose. As soon as the tank is full, the motor switches off automatically. When this occurs, a valve at the end of the two-meter long discharge hose opens and allows the sludge to drain out of the tank.

Pontec Pondomatic, imported from Germany and with a two-year guarantee, is available for sale from SuperPumps. If you order from their online store, the product will be delivered to your home. You can also visit their store in Centurion West.

Written by Daniella Favis for Home Inspirations.