Super sockets

Building contractors, satisfy your customers with a modular range of sockets so they never have to use an adapter again.

Because the most common electrical socket installation in the country is a single or double 3-pin outlet, users require various multi-adaptors to use all of their appliances. However, Major Tech’s VETI Modular Range of sockets includes every socket type used in Sub-Saharan Africa, all in a modular form. This means that building contractors can combine any of the various sockets and install them directly into their available wall socket spaces – no need for adaptors anymore.

Up to three modules can be assembled into the standard 100mm x 50mm box space, and up to six modules in the standard 100mm x 100mm box space. VETI also supplies an omni-cluster frame able to hold up to eight modules.

Building contractors also have the option of a rounded design, allowing for more space within the wall box so that it is easier to insert and remove VETIModularrangeplug tops. The range also includes weatherproof enclosures for all outdoor plug point requirements. Switches are available with a locator lamp in order to easily find the switch in the dark, an indicator lamp to show whether the power is on or not, or a plain grey insert. Cover plates come in six interchangeable colours to suit any environment, including white, cream, silver, champagne, gun metal and bronze.

The range of products is internationally and locally certified.

For more information, see VETI Modular Range.

Compiled by Daniella Favis for Builders Sapce.