An innovative building system

Choose efficient, green and ground-breaking building materials.

Vela SBS has developed an innovative internal and external building material for residential, multi-storey blocks, commercial and retail applications. The S-Track system, a unique walling solution made from lightweight steel frames, enables wall panels to be erected rapidly, resulting in a shorter building programme and reduced overheads.

The system includes various components, such as vertical studs, top and bottom tracks and intermediate noggins which interlock with self-locating dimples before screws are fixed in place. Buildings made with this system can be designed up to four storeys before it’s necessary to introduce heavier structural steel or concrete columns.

Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing green building materials. The steel frames are made from 30% recycled building material and are recyclable themselves. Also, because the steel is insulated, it gives buildings a greater energy efficiency.

Vela’s S-track System is designed and manufactured in accordance with South African National Standards code SANS 517:2009 Light steel frame building.

For more information on this innovative building materials, see Vela S-Track.

Compiled by Daniella Favis for Builders' Space.