A building contractor’s car

Builders, contractors and tradesmen, here’s a car made for miles.

Iveco has recently been informed that 13 South African customers of theirs, with about 30 Iveco Daily vehicles between them, have reached the one-million kilometre mark, travelling the often precarious terrain of the African continent daily.

This mileage figure, more than twice the distance between Earth and the Moon, and 25 times the Earth’s circumference, demonstrates the reliability and robustness of the Iveco light vehicle range.

The Daily has a seven-digit odometer; a chassis with metal studs, allowing it to be structurally rigid and resistant to wear and tear; as well as independent front suspension and rigid rear axles which absorb the roughness of the road, provide linearity and deliver precision in steering response.

Compiled by Daniella Favis for Builders’ Space.