Terrific new tiling tool range

Terrific new tools for tiling contractors…

TAL, supplier of tiling solutions, has just introduced Tilemate tiling tools for tiling contractors – they’re functional, durable and suitable for a variety of applications. The range includes:

• 3 in 1 Tile Nipper: Perfect for replacing broken tiles, this tool is made up of a tile nipper with tipped jaws for cutting and shaping wall tiles, a tile pry bar for lifting and repositioning tiles, as well as a chisel for removing broken tiles.


• Heavy Duty Tile Remover: Used to remove wall and floor tiles, carpets, vinyl and joints, this tile remover is made with reinforced steel, so that it can be used alongside a hammer.

• Power 1600 Bench Saw: This tool has a direct drive 1600w induction brushless motor, ideal for cutting large-format marble, granite, stone and tiles; a six-ball cutting assembly with little vibration for precise cuts; a dual water spray, extending the life of the diamond blade; as well as a large side-table extension for extra support.


• 1400w Adhesive and Grout Mixer: Suitable for mixing cement, plaster, grouts, adhesives, fillers, paint and other mortars, this tool is lightweight and comfortable to handle.

“The Tilemate range contains sturdy tools that are comfortable to use and made to last,” says Chaitan Manga, general manager of TAL.

Compiled by Daniella Favis for Builders’ Space.