An innovative digital thermostat

Electrical contractors and builders, here’s some energy-saving innovation…

Due to popular demand, VETI has recently introduced a new fully-programmable digital thermostat for underfloor heating control, in order to save energy.

The VETI digital thermostat has innovative microcomputer control functions with both air sensor and capillary sensor settings. It also has both a manual mode, allowing the thermostat to maintain a constant set temperature, and an automatic mode, allowing users to set the thermostat for seven days at a time with up to four settings per day. This latter energy-saving mode only activates heating when it is needed, preventing wasting your electricity.

Because South Africa is often faced with black-outs due to overconsumption of electricity, the thermostat has a rechargeable lithium battery built into it, to maintain its settings when the power goes off. Plus, the thermostat can be used with the double pole isolator switch in a standard single 100mm x 50mm South African wall box.

The VETI digital thermostat is SABS approved and carries a two-year warranty. Find out more about this product here.

Compiled by Daniella Favis for Builders’ Space.