Dust-free work environment

Builders, contractors and tradesmen, do you know how to make sure your work environment remains free of dust?

Bosch Power Tools has recently launched a new range of GDE dust extraction systems, designed specifically for drilling and chiselling tools, ensuring a cleaner and healthier work environment for builders, contractors and tradesmen.


“These systems allow for a virtually dust-free work environment,” says Craig Berridge, Senior Brand Manager for Bosch Industrial Power Tools SA. “All drilling debris and dust are extracted from the source eliminating the hassle of having to clean up after work is complete.”

Lightweight, robust and easy to assemble, the dust extractors work on a two-chamber system – one chamber collects the dust while the other connects to the extractor in order to create a vacuum, keeping the extractor attached to the wall as a result of suction.

Home building toolsGDE 68 and GDE 162 have been designed for conventional rotary hammers, diamond drills and impact drills. GDE
68 can be used with core cutters up to 68 mm while GDE 162 is compatible with core cutters up to 162 mm. GDE Max Professional is suitable for most SDS-Max rotary and demolition hammers available in the Bosch range, and GDE 16 Plus Professional has been designed for use with SDS-Plus hammers ranging from two to three kilograms, with a 50 mm collar.

“All of the GDE dust extraction systems ensure a healthier work environment and protect your tools against damage caused by dust,” says Berridge. “Work is more efficient and more precise.”

Compiled by Daniella Favis for Builders’ Space.