Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Door

Fineline’s sliding mirror door system provides cupboard space in bedrooms, living rooms or offices. Existing hinged door cupboards can be easily converted to made-to-measure sliding doors, and the system is adaptable to all room shapes and dimensions.

The sliding doors have top and bottom roller mechanisms, and a Low Profile Bottom Track has been designed so that the door can be fitted into walk-through thresholds to avoid recessing into the floor. Fineline has also hidden a neoprene shock absorbing gasket inside the aluminium frames of the door in order to protect the mirror from breaking, if the door is accidentally slammed.

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Product Profile: Morsø 7642

The Morsø 7642 fireplace, a member of the Morsø 7600 series, heats areas of up to 120m2 and is controlled with a single handle, allowing it to be easily operated.

The Morsø 7600 series is bases on the convection principle. This means that the Morsø 7642 has an extra side panel attached to its outside, creating an air channel. Convection occurs when heat is transferred from the fireplace to the air within this channel. As the hot air rises, cold air is sucked into the chamber, and this results in rapid air circulation within the room.

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Product Profile: PolishCrete

Cemcrete has recently released PolishCrete, a thin, decorative, cement-based system designed for hard-wearing floors or surfaces. When polished, the aggregate is exposed, leaving the surface looking like granite.

The product is easy to maintain by simply washing it with warm water. It is also abrasion and impact-resistant, a desirable trait especially for floors and kitchen counters. PolishCrete is available in six neutral colours.

Consumers can view PolishCrete at Cemcrete’s showroom in Parktown North, Johannesburg. Cemcrete supplies PolishCrete through their various contractors, and contractor application is guaranteed.

For more information, see Cemcrete PolishCrete.

Written by Daniella Favis for Home Inspirations.

Product Profile: SilkMove Faucet

Grohe SilkMove®, a single-lever bathroom faucet from Grohe’s Eurodisc Cosmopolitan range, has an extra-wide angle of operation and quality ceramic disks to ensure that these taps provide precise temperature control and smooth handling. The technology used in GROHE SilkMove® was a winner in a mechanical endurance test conducted by TÜV SÜD GROHE.

Grohe’s Eurodisc range is guaranteed for five years, provided that the customer has a proof of purchase. The range is also SABS approved (SABS 1480) and is available at Trend, Tap & Tile in Centurion as well as Square Circle in Johannesburg.

For more information, see GROHE Eurodisc Cosmopolitan single-lever SilkMove.

Written by Daniella Favis for Home Inspirations.

Product Profile: Multi-Dex System

Multi-Dex is an insulated waterproofing system, providing protection against rain and hail, insulation, as well as noise reduction for houses and buildings. Multi-Dex offers a 10-year guarantee and has a life expectancy in excess of 20 years.

The system includes a multi-board offering insulation and sound proofing, a support adding strength to the system, a Torch On waterproofing membrane, and a coat of bituminous aluminium protective paint.

Multi-Dex 2000 supplies the product and provides installation in the Gauteng area.

Written by Daniella Favis for Home Inspirations

Product profile: Inopaz H20

Inopaz H20, a liquid waterproofing system, is the only highly reflective two-component water-based, polyurethane membrane available in South Africa. It is suitable for all exposed horizontal and vertical waterproofing applications. Inopaz H20 is applied in coats by brush, roller, squeegee or airless sprayer. It can be applied over existing roof membranes to extend the life of the roof, and to enhance its Solar Reflective Index. Inopaz H?0 is resistant to standing water, bacterial attack, algae and fungi; it can be dyed any colour; and it may be reinforced to enhance durability.

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