Testing windows

Mechanical Performance Testing in accordance with SANS 613

Test for air leakage, wind deflection, water penetration and structural strength of fenestration systems.


 Air leakage  The air leakage through the specimen should not exceed 2 L/s/m2 under a pressure difference of 75 Pa.
 Wind deflection  Maximum wind deflection allowed is 1/175 of span or 20 mm under a uniform load of 1000 Pa – 3000 Pa.
 Water penetration  There should be no leakage when subjected to a flow of 0.05 l/s.m2
 Structural strength  There must be no structural failure or permanent deformation with a load of 50% more than the intended load.


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Rotatable Guarded Hot Box Testing

The Rotatable Guarded Hot Box (RGHB), located on the CSIR campus in Pretoria, is a testing facility for determining the heat transmission values (U-factor in W/m2.K) of any building’s envelope system for any angle of application in accordance with ASTM C 1199 and ASTM C 1363. SANS 10400-XA sets a target for reducing energy usage in buildings. Therefore the RGHB is an attempt to help the construction industry reduce its energy usage.

Compiled by Daniella Favis for Builders’ Space. Source: SAGGA.

For more information, see the South African Glass and Glazing Association.