A treehouse that took the world of marketing by storm

Builders, contractors and tradesmen, are your marketing campaigns as effective as this one was?

Why, you might ask, was the Yellow Pages looking for a project-managing, restaurant-operating television presenter in New Zealand? And why on earth did they hire an unknown accordion player to fill the position? It was all one brilliant big marketing campaign.

Tracey Collins’ task was simple: use only the Yellow Pages listings to construct a restaurant ten metres off the ground in a tree.

Yellow Pages came up with a comprehensive, creative advertising strategy to keep everyone posted on the project’s progress. Their website, which included regular updates, garnered over 150 000 unique visitors every month.


In the end, Over 65 businesses listed in the Yellow Pages contributed to the project’s completion, from architects to coaster crafters, and when the restaurant opened on 13 December 2008, it was booked for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day in January, within hours. Over the next month, more than 2000 people ate at the restaurant, and thousands more came to gaze upon and photograph it.

As you can imagine, Yellow Pages benefitted in all sorts of ways. This campaign increased their unprompted brand awareness by 37%. And while this particular story might be a couple of years old, its lessons are everlasting: marketing should talk to consumers like they’re living, breathing people.


Compiled by Daniella Favis for Builders’ Space. Source: Mark’s Microphone.

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